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About Spiked Jellies

Welcome to the Spiked Jellies family! We are honored to share our jellies with you and hope that each flavor makes your taste buds tingle with happiness. Our goal is use only the finest ingredients to hand-craft amazing jellies focused on bringing out the true profiles of the wine, beer, and liquors, without adding any crazy flavor distractions. This way, you can to use our jellies to become your own flavor artisan. And for the master chefs, you can rest assured that we are fully licensed and create all jellies in small batches using a local commercial kitchen. Make a note…We highly recommend becoming a stalker and visiting us at each event to try the latest flavors, too!

Our Story

Many ask where the idea of Spiked Jellies came from and we love to share our story. It all started because Allison likes to pair fun wines and beers with meals, but is such a lightweight that she could never handle more than a sip before reaching her limit. (Yes, she actually admits this!) On top of this sad fact, Allison thinks that all wines taste better when they are sweet. Trust us when we say that you do not want to see her add sugar to her chardonnay. So, Allison decided to prove once and for all that all wines (and beers, much to Knox’s dismay) can taste better when sweetened and be enjoyed with any meal or snack. One burger with beer jelly later, Knox willingly admitted that, this one time, Allison was right. The results launched Spiked Jellies!

Now, meet the family…

The Family

Allison: the creator of Spiked Jellies, the head of every other department, and our favorite teetotaler. While she admittedly can’t handle more than a sip of any adult beverage, that one sip is enough to spark interest in creating a new flavor for fans to try. And since she comes from a family where food is love, feeding others is a hobby that fuels this labor of love. Allison hand-crafts each batch of jelly and is adamant about staying as true to the actual wine and beer flavors as possible. You can usually find her at local events, playing in the kitchen, or working with her real estate clients as part of The Barnett Realty Group.


Knox: Allison’s husband and Spiked Jellies’ overall troubleshooter. While he has spent most of his career running his own remodeling business and advising clients with the family realty group, Knox is the go-to-guy for all things strategic. You may occasionally see Knox at events, but he prefers to stay behind the scenes. Allison has put Knox in charge of corporate affairs, re-constructing recipes to have the perfect balance of ingredients to fulfill her vision, coming up with recipes that use the jellies, and all things related to using those manly muscles.