Bourbon Zeppelin Tastes Spiked Jellies

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A review of Spiked Jellies by Steve Akley of Bourbon Zeppelin as featured in the BZ newsletter from 11/15/17:

Photo by Steve Akley of Bourbon Zeppelin


Allison Barnett, the owner of Spiked Jellies recently sent over a sample of two of their creations: their bourbon apple as well as their bourbon stout jellies. 

The Bourbon Stout is a stout aged in bourbon barrels that Allison then adds additional bourbon. It is a favorite on burgers (caramelize on/use as condiment), salmon, sweet potatoes, and more. 

The Bourbon Apple is a draft cider base with bourbon added to it. This one is great in a baked brie, on pancakes, pork chops, etc.

Admittedly, I don’t know much about how you make jelly. I just know what I like and I love both of these items. The bourbon apple, tastes like… apple and bourbon… or maybe better stated: BOURBON.

Again, not sure how Allison makes this stuff, but it seems like jelly is made, in this case apple, then bourbon is poured in. It’s amazeballs!

The next one, the Bourbon Stout… whoa! You crack open the jar, it’s beer immediately. Boom! Then, it’s bourbon. Cha-ching! It’s a “jellified” (made that word up) bourbon stout.

Not only did I try this one on a bagel (as pictured above), I also did it on a burger with bacon. Jeez! It will buckle your knees. Amazing stuff. Very bourbon forward. Exactly what you are looking for if you are big enough of a bourbon fan to be reading Bourbon Zeppelin!


Thanks to Steve for a great review!  Make sure to check out Bourbon Zeppelin and check out Spiked Jellies!