Spiked Jellies Meets Famous Chefs!

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It is always fun to do new events where we can show off our amazing flavors of Spiked Jellies to a new audience.  We had an extra fun time at the Atlanta Underground Market…our first one in August of this year.  Yes, this blog is a little late, but I still want to do my name dropping.  Ready?

First…we met Chef T from this past season of Hell’s Kitchen.  Yes, she is as awesome and as real in person as she was on TV.  Nicknamed the Kitchen Bully, T survived working with Gordon Ramsey, came in 2nd in the competition (2nd?!  That is still 1 in a gazillion for being an awesome chef, in general,) and she still finds the time to give back to the community.  Obviously, I am in total awe of this sweet lady.  So, what is a girl to do, but make sure she tastes my Spiked Jellies, too!  As we expected, Chef T loves our flavors…her favorite is our popular Bourbon Stout!  But, she has great plans for Spiced Merlot and Thanksgiving hams, too!  We are so excited to work with her in the future…and more importantly, have another fun, genuine, foodie friend!

chef t (HK) collage

And since this was a Chef throwdown night, we also had the honor of meeting Big Swole, aka Biker Chef David Rose!  OK, can we say big guns…and yes, that is his talent and his arm size!  While I could swoon over this guy, Knox was determined to grab a bite of his winning arepas.  Total yum, for sure!  And since he is a total teddy bear of a guy, like all tough guys are, he also took a moment to try our Spiked Jellies and pick his favorite.  Jalapeno Riesling will make its debut on his table very soon!  Plus, we had the extra honor of hanging out with his right hand man, Tyran, who is an absolute doll and also voted Jalapeno Riesling in as his fav.  So, to end the night, I surrounded myself with these cuties to make sure I had a picture to share with all of you!

Biker Chef David 'Big Swole'Rose

Want to join in some of the fun we experience on a regular basis?  Make sure to check out the EVENTS section on our website to find out where the next Spiked Jellies tasting will be.  You never know who we will be hanging out with next…