What is Jelly? Have you ever wondered?

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Have you ever wondered what jelly actually is?  For me, growing up, it was that congealed mess that dripped out of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  Yummy, but messy!  So, today, we thought it would be fun to research the definition of jelly.  Get ready…

According to the world wide web, Jelly is a noun and is noted to be a “sweet, clear, semisolid, somewhat elastic spread or preserve.”  So, I guess having a jelly belly is truly impossible because you just can’t spread it!  And if I am being honest, this definition doesn’t do any justice to the sweet, yummy goodness of one of life’s food staples.  But still, it is good to know, right?!

So, while are sharing this moment of wisdom with you, we figured you might like to know what Spiked Jellies are!  There is only one definition that fits:  an awesome treat that delights your tastebuds, can be enjoyed with any food – from comfort to gourmet, and is loaded with the flavors of wines, beers, and liquors.  In other words, Spiked Jellies far surpass the basic jelly definition and more importantly, are screaming to get in your belly –now!!

And what should you do with all of this new-found knowledge?  Eat it!  It is always a good time to eat some sweet, semisolid, and most important–SPIKED spread!  Happy eating!!

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