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Do you have questions? Hopefully, we have the answers right here. If not, just shoot us your message by clicking the box on the right.

Why did you name the company Spiked Jellies?

Remember when that crazy friend spiked your drink, the jello, or the party punch bowl? We do! (And it wasn’t us—wink wink.) We want to recreate those memories and laughs all of the time. So, we decided to spike the jellies and trademark the name as Spiked Jellies!

What makes Spiked Jellies different from other companies?

We like our jellies on the neat side—straight up. Our focus is on the bringing out the true flavor of the wine, beer, or liquor. We want you to get creative by using the jellies in your favorite recipes or by creating new ones. We refuse to limit you by putting our own twist on the amazing flavors brought to us by top vineyards, craft-breweries, and distilleries.

In saying that, we reserve the right to get a little crazy with a few mixes, shakes and stirs. These usually happen by customer request or personal cravings, such as our fan favorite Spiced Merlot, or our Sake Ginger, and Jalapeno Riesling. You never know when a crazy concoction may happen, but we still love our foundation of staying true to the basics!

And not to brag, but we did make it through all of the hoops, jumps, twists and turns required to obtain full licensing. We use a fully certified commercial kitchen, have safety certifications, Department of Agriculture label approval, and all of the other great things required to be on any shelf around the country!

Don’t forget, our customers think we are awesome!

Is there really alcohol used in the jellies?

YES! You should see the amount of wine and beer bottles that are tossed every week. Our personal garbage man must be jealous of the parties he thinks we have, based on experiments alone! And in all seriousness, we don’t skimp either. This isn’t jelly with a hint of wine or beer … it is full bottles of wine, beer, and mixed cocktails made into jelly form!

How much alcohol is left once the jellies are made?

While there may be faint traces of alcohol left in the jellies, it would be so minimal that our own government considers it a food and does not require alcohol volume to be placed upon the labels. And since we like to be honest, the kids in our family love to pick their favorite flavors for their sandwiches, meatballs, and burgers!

Please note that our product is not recommended for anyone who has an alcohol problem. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, use common sense and consult your physician with any concerns.

Do you have to be 21 to purchase the jellies?

We want all of our customers to understand that our jellies are made with real alcohol. So, while this is a food and we will not card you, we do ask that you are at least 18 years old to make any purchases and have full understanding of our product.

Is there sugar in your jellies?

Absolutely! We are purists. We like great quality products, including Pure Cane Sugar. No fake sugars or sugar substitutes are used in our products. Should we do a low sugar line, we will still use cane sugar … just less of it!

For those of you who may be afraid of sugar, may we suggest that you treat yourself, but put the spoon down after a few bites. You will go into sugar shock if you eat the whole jar in a single serving, but you will savor our amazing flavors in a few enjoyable bites.

Why do some of the flavors look like liquid?

Surprise! When you open the jar, you will see that there is a big jelly mass, and the liquid is the look of the jelly pulling away from the side of the jar. There may be a little liquid left on the sides, since some of the flavors take longer to fully set. As a small company that makes all of our jellies in small batches, our jellies are usually being shipped and sold within a few days or weeks of the actual cooking time. We don’t like our jellies to be idle and sit on shelves for months waiting to ship, so we have chosen to let them wiggle and jiggle a little bit.  Sweeter jellies tend to wiggle more, but that makes them extra spreadable!

Are your jellies Gluten Free?

Wine and some beers do not contain gluten. However, we use a shared commercial kitchen that is not a gluten-free facility. Please take this into account when making your purchases.

Do you note allergens on your label?

Absolutely! We are a fully licensed company and meet all of the Department of Agriculture’s requirements for labeling.   Please note that all of our products are made in a facility that contains nuts, eggs, dairy, soy, and wheat.  We do ask that if you have severe allergies of any sort, that you contact us to clarify any concerns prior to purchase.

Why refrigerate after opening?

Honestly, we have no idea why! This is dictated by the FDA and health codes. So, please refrigerate after opening.

One More Question?

If you have more questions, send us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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