Avoid the Father’s Day Fiasco!!

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Every year, we all go through the same struggle on what to get our Dads.  New tie…done.  Grill…done.  Golfing…done.  Beer…done.  And the list goes on and on, right?!

This year, it is time to think outside the box…and right into a jar of Spiked Jellies!  Why?  Versatility!!  If Dad likes beer, we have him covered. Wine?  No problem.  Liquor?  Bourbon Stout, Bourbon Apple, Scotch Ale and Moonshine are a must!  Is he a foodie?  Create a full set!  Does your Dad love to grill?  Perfect, our jellies are amazing as glazes for grilling and cooking.  A classic  guy?  We do classic, too…our classic Cabernet wine jelly.  Spicy food extraordinaire?  Jalapeno Riesling will give balance for heat and sweet.  Need more ideas?  Just contact us!

Don’t forget to make Dad a special dinner, too!  Try a steak on the grill, glazed with Cabernet jelly and some blue cheese crumbles.  Add some cornbread with Jalapeno Riesling spread.

We wish all of you a Happy Father’s Day spiked with love and flavor!