Chocolate (Stout) for Valentine’s Day

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IMG_0957Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  This week, Hallmark and Hershey’s will join thousands of couples for the famous day that shouts out,  ” I Love You.”  But what do you do when you are tired of a box of chocolates, already have a room full of hearts, and still want to say, “Be Mine?”  Get Spiked, of course!

Spiked Jellies brings a unique twist to your Valentine’s Day, by bringing Chocolate in a jar –that is mixed with Stout beer.  Men and women all over are having a love affair with our Chocolate Stout beer jelly!  From glazing on a steak to schmearing over cream cheese, palates are getting all warm and fuzzy for flavor that is maxed out and foodie-licious.

So, this Valentine’s Day, give the gift that keeps on giving you a smile and a sigh of contentment… Spiked Jellies’ Chocolate Stout.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Spiked Jellies!

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