Grilling with my Big Green Egg

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Are you obsessed with your Big Green Egg, oversized gas grill, outdoor kitchen, Kamado grill, little charcoal grill, Traeger pellet grill, R2D2 smoker, and anything else that includes flames and meat?  I can hear all of the men now, grunting like Tim Allen on Home Improvement, just at the mention of these culinary babies.  Personally, I just like the simplicity of no clean up cooking, just like I like the simplicity of cooking with Spiked Jellies!   My gas grill tends to be my go to dinner machine.  But I am working on becoming a ‘smoker’ extraordinaire.

Thanks to our friends and partners at Roswell Hardware Company, I am learning to overcome my intimidation of the green monster sitting on my back deck.  In fact, it turns out that this simple all-in-one cooker is a perfect paring to Spiked Jellies.  Both have a great wow factor for foodies, without spending hours slaving in the kitchen.  Even better, the smoked flavor of real charcoal combined with meats and veggies glazed with our Spiked Jellies is a palate pleaser beyond compare!  We really invite you to try it and comment with your recipes and reviews!  Need ideas on which jellies are great for glazing?  Check out our VIP and Grilling Gift Sets or just stop by Roswell Hardware and grab a few!

A special thanks to Smokeware for our new, bright and shiny chimney cap.  This stainless vented chimney cap makes controlling the air flow even easier…and to be girly, it looks cute too!  This accessory is a must have, especially for your uncovered smokers.  Have any questions about Spiked Jellies, just ask us.  Have questions on smokers?  Don’t ask us, ask the pros!

And a word of advice to all…whatever brand, color, or style you choose for your cookware, make sure to remember the most important thing…to glaze with your favorite Spiked Jellies!

Try out this simple and yummy foodie idea from Kevin W:

Bacon wrapped asparagus. with your favorite seasoning rub and glaze it with our Jalapeno Riesling wine jelly (picture features Lanes BBQ’s Sweet Heat rub.)  I think the name says it all, so no instructions necessary.  Can’t get any easier, right?!


Enjoy, Happy Cooking, and as always, thank you for loving Spiked Jellies!