Moonshine & Biscuits

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Northern girl marries a Southern boy and fails at biscuit making…News at 11!  I know many of us are in the same boat and share the woes of successful biscuit making, right?!  For years, I was able to get away with waffles, cinnamon rolls, and bagels as the best options for weekend breakfasts.  Well, those days are apparently over, much to my dismay.  I was informed by my husband that it is “wrong” to spread Moonshine jelly on bagels just because I am biscuit challenged.


So, what’s a girl to do?  This one decided to find a super-simple recipe and hope for the best.  The results… biscuits that were devoured!   I will assume that they passed the discerning palate of a lifetime biscuit eater.  Now I feel it is my obligation to share simple biscuit making with all of our fans!  It is only 2 ingredients…3 if you baste with butter after baking.  The other ingredients are: 1 cup of heavy whipping cream and 1-3/4 cup of self rising flour.  Mix, roll out, cut and bake at 500 degrees.  Then spread tons of Moonshine Jelly or the other amazing Spiked Jellies onto these homemade treats and enjoy!


Try it out and let us know your results!  For a detailed presentation on these biscuits, go to