Say Cheese!

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Say Cheese!  Why?  Because you have to smile the moment you say it!  A famous saying used by amateur and professional photographers since the beginning of time, cheese also brings to mind yummy, gooey, warm, comfort food memories.

Spiked Jellies are great for any cheese, of course, but even better when you create your own Grilled Cheese!  So, let’s take a look at a few fabulous grilled cheese recipes that will make you grab the butter, bread, cheese, Spiked Jellies, and go to town!

First, there is the Classic Grilled Cheese.  Thick bread loaded with your favorite cheddar cheese.  Now think of how many options there are??  Champagne Grilled Cheese, Cabernet and Cheddar, Bourbon Stout to name a few.

Next, let’s get sweet and spicy!  Grab some Monterey Jack, American cheese and Jalapeno Riesling wine jelly.  You have just created a party in your mouth!  Heat, sweet, and fully of yummy goodness!

How about some ham and cheese?? Or bacon, slathered with some Scotch Ale beer jelly.  Are you drooling yet?

And finally, for the cheese snobs, grab that brie and Cabernet or Belgian White beer jelly.   Grill it up in your smoker and you will have a smoked brie grilled cheese that will make your friends jealous, for sure!

Be warned, Spiked Jellies may turn you into a grilled cheese addict.  Check out our gift sets and have fun creating with flavor combinations.  You can say cheese and eat it too!  Let us know your favorites by writing a review or sending us a note.   And go shop for your favorite Spiked Jellies now!