Spiked Jellies – Eat Gourmet Meals on a Budget!

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Congratulations!  It is the third week of the new year and you are still determined to stay on budget.  To make sure that you save up for a new car or vacation, you have also probably decided to eat at home as much as possible.  The only problem with this idea is that home cooking can be soooooo boring.  Right?!  Trust me…this can be a mantra in every home, but Spiked Jellies is here to give those same old meals a twist that should help you to stay on task (as much as you can).  You may even become the next Budget friendly chef extraordinaire!

To achieve yummy, budget friendly meals, just follow these simple steps…

Step 1: Stop the insanity of thinking that it just costs too much money to make everyday foods taste like your favorite restaurants.  Spiked Jellies wine and beer jellies are totally affordable and versatile.  Considering you can use the same jelly for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert, what some think is indulgence is actually smart shopping!

Step 2: Make a list of your basic, easy, everyday foods.  You know…like toast in the morning, turkey sandwiches, BLT’s, burgers, chocolate, pretzels, PB&J, salmon…

Step 3: Pick your favorite Spiked Jellies’ flavor and think of how many ways you can eat it.

Step 4: Combine Step 2 (your list of easy meals) and Step 3 (your favorite Spiked Jellies’ flavor) to make your Budget Gourmet go-to list of meals.

Step 5: Repeat with another flavor!

Here is a fun example for you to try with our popular Belgian White Beer Jelly!

  • BREAKFAST: Spread on toast or waffles or mix in with your yogurt.
  • LUNCH: Make a Belgian White Chicken Sandwich – Use it as a condiment for your chicken sandwich, add smoked cheddar cheese for  extra flavor!
  • DINNER: Belgian White Cajun Shrimp – Grill shrimp, glaze with Belgian White beer jelly, add Cajun seasoning and Enjoy!
  • DESSERT: Belgian White Cupcakes – Bake your favorite vanilla cupcakes.  While warm, glaze with jelly.  Let cool and glaze with more jelly.  Add powdered sugar to finish.

Viola!  Budget gourmet meals served up, fast and easy…just make sure to keep some Spiked Jellies in your pantry or fridge at all times!  Cheers to your new year and new budget.  Now make it tasty and fabulous!

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