Spiked Jellies’ Holiday Survival Guide

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Holidays bring out the best and the worst in all of us. So, whether you are jumping for joy with Christmas cheer, dusting the dreidel for Chanukkah, or stressing because you have no idea what to cook or buy, Spiked Jellies is here to help you survive all aspects of the holidays!

Start with this little bit of advice from us and STOP THE INSANITY! Don’t you dare give Dad another tie, try to surprise Grandma with more nighties, or hand your kid’s teachers another picture frame. And if you are even thinking of bringing fudge covered Oreos to your office party, we are officially ordering you to read this entire blog – better yet, memorize it! You are no longer allowed to cop out on the holidays because it is just too difficult to think of creatively.

Become a festive foodie by using our jellies as your go-to for all holiday events. Just make sure to take recipe cards with you, because you are now the person everyone wants to invite because you bring the fun food! Here are a few holiday recipe ideas …

  • Beer Jelly Meatballs are a favorite! Just grab our Belgian White beer jelly, a package of frozen meatballs, 1/3 jar of chili sauce and a splash of pineapple juice, and cook for 3-4 hours. Done! (Moscato with a splash of orange juice and meatballs is also a popular way to go!)
  • Grab some Jalapeno Riesling wine jelly and throw it over some cream cheese or step it up by making a canapé with toasted French bread, a sautéed scallop, and some jelly. YUMMY!
  • Everyone loves mini egg rolls and spring rolls, but bring some Sake Ginger wine jelly to drizzle over it for a win!
  • Make Cabernet Black Forest Cupcakes! Bake your favorite chocolate cake, glaze while warm with Cabernet wine jelly, let it cool, glaze again and frost with chocolate! Then stand back as people fight over them!

If these ideas aren’t enough, contact us for our recipe ideas list. We promise that there is something for everyone!!!

Now let’s make you into a gift giving extraordinaire! Are you ready?? Use the ‘keep it simple rule’ and give teachers, hostesses, co-workers, your secret Santa, and anyone who needs a simple gift, one or two of our Spiked Jellies! Viola! You have unique gifts that are guaranteed to please and honestly, it can’t get any easier! Your only challenge is figuring out which flavor for each person. We have faith in you to accomplish that task.

Kick it up a notch with Gift Baskets made easy! Have a theme, grab jellies, and run with it! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Holiday Box: There is no place like home for the holidays … so give the flavors of home with our Spiced Merlot wine jelly, and add your favorite shortbread cookies, pumpkin bread, or ginger snaps. No time to bake? Add some cute recipe cards and pack the ingredients in the box. Either way, this is a true treat!
  • Grilling Set: Grab a Bourbon and/or Irish Stout jelly, Cabernet, Belgian White, and even Blueberry Wheat. Wrap them up with a few grilling tools and anything else grilling related.
  • Wine Lovers: Wrap our Cabernet, Champagne, and Moscato jellies with some crackers and cheese and a bottle or two of their favorite wine.
  • Bourbon Box: Bourbon Stout jelly, plus a bottle of bourbon and a nice block of smoked cheddar.
  • Sushi Lovers: Find a fun make your own sushi set and include our Sake Ginger and Belgian White jellies.
  • Beer Lovers: Grab a few beer jellies, some pretzels and peanuts, and a fun craft beer!

You get the idea, right?! Take a few Spiked Jellies and add them to a simple gift to create awesome gifts that recipients will brag about!

Congratulations! You have just survived the holidays. In fact, you have mastered gift giving and treat sharing with a flair and style that all will envy! Now make sure to add www.SpikedJellies.com to your favorites tab so that you can shop with ease, all year round.