Try Our Spiked Cocoa Strawberry Sorbet this Strawberry Season!

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It’s strawberry season and there is nothing better than that sweet berry goodness this time of year.  Especially if you turn them into Spiked Cocoa Strawberry Sorbet!  This recipe is so simple, you can do it in under 5 minutes.  And oh so yummmmmmyyyy!

Freeze 3 cups of strawberries in advance.  If you have a Vitamix blender, you can leave them whole.  Otherwise, slice them up for easier use.

In your Vitamix or equivalent blender, pour in the frozen strawberries.  Add 1 cup of vanilla creamer and a heaping tablespoon of Spiked Cocoa.  Blend until mixed and firm.

Enjoy this yummy treat as often as you like!  It is one of our favorites!