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Irish Stout

Irish Stout


A popular stout beer turned into jelly and became a fast favorite! Even non-beer drinkers love this on a burger.

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The original beer jelly, made with everyone’s favorite stout that starts with a G. To taste the jelly by itself, you will get a sweet version of a traditional stout beer, with the warm, chocolate flavors shining through. Don’t let this fool you, though … it is AMAZING and a favorite of our customers!

Allison loves to tell the story of how she decided to use the Irish Stout jelly as a glaze and condiment on Knox’s burger. He begged her not to ruin his dinner! Being a great wife, she didn’t bother to listen. One burger later, Knox admitted it was the best burger ever … and to use more jelly on the next one. And so this famous delicacy was born!

Get tips on making this Stout Burger and other fun recipes on our recipe page.

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Sugar, Beer, Pectin, Lemon Juice Concentrate


Wheat. Made in a facility with Nuts, Soy, Dairy, Eggs, and Wheat


  • Lon

    Wow! This is the best. Our whole family loves when I glaze burgers with this Jelly. A must try!

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